Home Improvement Scams

 The spring storms bring more than tornados, lighting, wind and hail; contractors can also start falling from the sky.    The storms we recently experienced are no different and in the event of a claim you may struggle when trying to select the best contractor.  It is extremely important to choose the right contractor to make sure the repairs are completed properly and they have the proper insurance coverage for the tasks they are completing.


While visiting the Indiana Attorney General website this link was discovered:   Attorney General Home Improvement Rules  The document provides tips and questions that any consumer should ask before hiring a contractor.

Martin Insurance Group and your appointed adjuster will always provide as much as assistance as possible in pointing you in the direction of qualified contractors the final decision of the contractor is always in the hands of the insured.

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Emergency workers go door-to-door checking for survivors along College Street, Henryville, Indiana (AP/Gary Jones)