Is Crop Insurance Vital to Your Farm?

Congress has made an agreement with the White House on a deal that would raise the debt ceiling and set the budget for two years. In order to pay for it the deal calls for a $3 billion cut to the crop insurance program.                      See […]

Now Hiring!

Martin Insurance Group is looking to add a new team member to add to our agency.  We are searching for an experienced Commercial Lines CSR with strong work ethic and a sense of humor…yes laughing is a requirement of the position.  The job location is negotiable between our Muncie and Pendleton offices.  If you’d like […]

Dams are not just for rivers any more…

Here in Indiana we are actually having an Indiana winter as opposed to last year where we experienced the mildest of winters possible for Indiana.  With the snow, ice, and cold temperatures come problems for many property owners.  One of the biggest problems is Ice Dams on the roofs of homes building. Ice dams are formed […]

Packing up and Heading Out

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” -Winston Churchill The Pendleton, Indiana location of our agency has out grown the confines of our current office.  We’ve been searching for the last several months for a location that we felt would provide our clients with the most access and ease of […]

Local Secret

Who would you rather do business with: a company headquartered halfway around the world, or one with an office right around the corner? If you’re anything like us, you think local is the way to go. We love working with other local companies. Not only is it good for our economy, it also just makes good […]

Are You Ready???

Protect Your Home from Summer Storms Ah, summer. Time for barbeques on the back patio, baseball and ice cream. We hope your summer is full of nothing but sunshine, but unfortunately, some of nature’s most powerful storms take place between swim meets and summer strolls. Be sure to get your house ready for tornado season […]

Home Improvement Scams

 The spring storms bring more than tornados, lighting, wind and hail; contractors can also start falling from the sky.    The storms we recently experienced are no different and in the event of a claim you may struggle when trying to select the best contractor.  It is extremely important to choose the right contractor to make sure […]

New Homeowner Checklist

 Buying a house is a big decision and can definitely change your life.  You get the advantages of living in a place that’s all your own, but there are so many new responsibilities that fall on your plate:  mowing the lawn, painting the house, taking care of that washing machine yourself when it starts spraying […]

Talk to Us

No one liked taking tests in school: there was the studying beforehand, the stress during — and the worst part — waiting for results. But when you finally got that paper back with your grade scrawled on the top, you knew where you stood: what you knew, what you didn’t know and where you had […]