Packing up and Heading Out

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”

-Winston Churchill

The Pendleton, Indiana location of our agency has out grown the confines of our current office.  We’ve been searching for the last several months for a location that we felt would provide our clients with the most access and ease of doing business.  While searching for the location we asked ourselves one question, “Where does nearly every Pendleton resident visit at least once a week?”  The answer…The Pendleton Shoppes a.k.a. “The Marsh Plaza“.

You might be thinking that the Winston Churchill quote at the top of this post is related only to the new location.  If so you are partially correct, because we have some exciting news to share with you.  Generally you work 8’ish-5’ish which coincidentally are during our normal business hours which limits you to setting an after hours appointment with us to come in to the office.  Our new office hours are going to include to two evenings a week to better service our valued customers.  We’ve heard the voices of the Indy Commuters!

BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!  We have also partnered with Accu-Tax out of Anderson, Indiana and they are going to be joining us in our new office as well.  Accu-Tax is a tax service that has been in existence in Anderson for over 20 years.  Owner, Debbie Rich, will have an office inside our agency which will give all of our valued clients direct access to a tax professional at anytime.

We’re Excited for the future and we hope you will stop by and see us after our official move in date October 1, 2012.  Our new address is 3031 W US HWY 36, Pendleton, IN 46064.  Please look for a coming announcement on an open house at the new office!